6/22/2009 -
Well, less then 10 weeks and counting until the baby comes. The room is almost ready, all of the baby gear is almost purchased, and the nerves are finally kicking in. We can't wait! Sydney is constantly keeping an eye out for here baby brother. We went to a big brother/sister class a couple of weeks ago and she thought we were going to bring him home! We had to explain we have to wait a little longer.

Sydney has been amazing us lately. She is getting so big, and her vocabulary is even bigger. We are so amazed somedays at what she comes up with! She can be the sweetest little girl sometimes and other times watch out!


4/10/2009 -
Looks like we are going to have to do some shopping! We found out today we are having a boy! Kelly is 20wks along and things are going good. Sydney is doing great as well. She is 2 1/2 years old, and every bit of it :) She is excited to have a baby brother.


1/14/2009 -
Photo Gallery is back up!


1/14/2009 -
I am switching hosting companies for the website. I need to make some changes to the photo gallery, so it is currently not working. It will be back up soon.


1/06/2009 -
Once again the holidays have come and gone and we are still in for a few more months of cold and snow. This is my least favorite time of year, but at least the days are getting longer. We are getting back into a routine after the time off from work and the holiday celebrations. Sydney still keeps talking about Frosty the Snowman, Santa, and presents. She is so much fun right now and really has a great sense of humor. She is growing up so fast and everyday I am amazed at the new things she knows. Happy new year!

12/24/2008 -
We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Have a safe and happy holiday!

-Nate, Kelly and Sydney

11/26/2008 -
Happy Thanksgiving! We wish you good food and good company!

11/15/2008 -
Tales of a funny toddler...

Sydney is so much fun right now, and she is always making us laugh. The other night she told me, "I want pizza, Mommy." When I asked her what she wanted on her pizza she told me, "cheese!" Ok, we can do that, then I asked her what else she wanted on her pizza, and she told me, "pancakes!" Hmmm, that one might not work out so well.

Yesterday we were getting ready to go to Mommy and Me dance class and she knew we were going to dance. Out of the blue she says, "I want Applebee's, Mommy!" Last week after dance we went to Applebee's for lunch with a friend of mine. Must have been a memorable experience!

Yesterday I heard her making a loud chewing sound. I asked her what she was chewing on, what was in her mouth. She didn't respond, so I told her to come over to me and let me see what was in her mouth. She said, "teeth, Mommy!" I looked in her mouth and she was right. The only thing in there was teeth (well, and her tongue, of course). Apparantly she has taken to grinding her teeth. (Lovely). I am hoping it is just a two year molar thing (that is what someone told me, anyway).

So, everyday is an adventure, Sydney says some pretty funny things and she is growing up so much. Right now she is learning to use the toilet and is doing really well. She even wakes up at night screaming, "I have to go potty!" She takes it very seriuosly! She is also learing to count to 10, knows all of her colors, and likes to do "grown-up" things like cooking, cleaning, and have her own keys to pretend to unlock things. She keeps us busy!

9/18/2008 -

It is hard to believe that Sydney is two (or will be in a couple hours-on the 19th). The last two years have been a whirlwind of emotions, a learning experience and a lot of fun! We will be having Sydney's party on Saturday the 20th. We will be celebrating our 6th anniversary on Sunday the 21st. How time flies!!!

7/30/2008 -
Summer Fun!!!

It is hard to believe that summer is almost over and soon I will be back at work. Sydney and I have been very busy this summer. We took an ECFE class together, are going to storytime on Fridays, and next week we start swimming! We have been spending a lot of time with my friend Sara and her daughter Sophie, going to the beach, Adventure Park, and going out for lots of lunches!

We just got a new fence in the backyard, which is great for Sammi, she can finally run around her yard! I learned how to knit this summer. I made a scarf and am halfway through making a bag. It was fun to learn, and we will see if I can keep up with it.

In June we drove to Texas for my brother's wedding. The drive was quite interesting. Nate, Sydney and I were all in the wedding. It was great to see all my family who I haven't seen in a long time. Their are pictures of the trip in the photo gallery.

Well, you might think that I would have more to say after not blogging in a few months, but I don't! Take care everyone!

5/21/2008 -
Sydney now has glasses! She has strabismus (her eye muscles are not strong enough and her left eye often crosses). Turns out she is also very farsighted. The glasses should help, but she will be completely dependant on them and has to wear them all the time. We may need to patch her good eye to help strengthen the bad eye, but we won't know until August, after she settles into her glasses. The good news is that at this point it does not look like she will need surgery. Check out the pictures of her in her new specs in the photo album!

Other things going on in our lives-the weather is finally getting nicer and we are working on getting the yard ready for summer. We have also been working on decorating the basement and it is really starting to look nice and feel like a place we want to spend time in. We are getting ready for a trip to Texas in June for my brother's wedding. All of us are in the wedding, so we've been taking care of ordering tuxes and dresses! I am starting a countdown to the last day of school. I am at 14 days and then I will have the summer off! Can't wait!

Take care,

5/04/2008 -
Welcome to our new website! We have decided to consolidate and into one site. It is now: I will be posting more soon, because it looks like it has been awhile.

- Nate

12/15/2007 -
It has been 4 months! Everything is going great. We are all settled in to the new house. There is so much more space, but all that is being taken up by so many toys! We have made a few improvements already. We painted Sydney's room and put up some pendent lights in the kitchen. The microwave broke and the dishwasher was recalled, so we had to replace those as well.

Sydney is almost 15mo and is crawling everywhere. Up and down stairs and in and out of every room. She took her first couple steps 4 nights ago. It is only a matter of time now before we will no longer be able to keep up. Every day she learns a bunch of new things it seems like. Her favorite words are "Duck", "Cup", "Nuk", "Book","Puppy","Dadda","Mamma" It also sounds like she asks "What's that?" Constant entertainment!

Lets see, what else has been going on? Kelly and I went to NYC for our anniversary back in October, that was a lot of fun. We got to do a lot of things like see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The Grandparents watched Sydney and Sammi, so it was nice and relaxing.

I just got back from Princeton, NJ last weekend. I had to go out there for work for 6 days. It was kind of interesting to see the Dow Jones campus. It is much bigger that our Minneapolis office. As of 2 days ago Dow Jones is now owned by News Corp. Pretty busy around work!

Well thats it for now! Take care and everyone have a Merry Christmas!


8/09/2007 -
Geez, we have got to get better at updating this! To bring everyone up to speed really quick. Our house is sold (took 6 days!) We have bought a new house in Blaine and expect to close 8.31.2007. So we have bee really busy getting everything organized and packed.

Sydney is crawling all over the place now. She is almost 11 months, and more curious than ever. She loves the dog food and dog food dishes! Her favorite foods seem to be tomatos, peas and bread. Oh and how she loves her puffed cereal. She eats just about everything and anything. Sometime we are amazed at what she can pack away in that little tummy.


5/16/2007 -
Things are finally coming together around the house. I took a week off of work to get it ready to sell. From landscaping to painting I feel as though I am working on everything. Today is a rest day however. I took Sydney to see where I work. She was in awe. (Or it was just because everyone was coming up to see her.

Sydney has really grown! She is now almost 20 pounds. She likes to roll over, and is about ready to start crawling. Last Tuesday her first tooth came through and the others look like they will be in soon. We went out to IHOP for Mother's Day and she ate a part of my pancake! She really liked it!

Sammi is still the crazy dog (in a good way). She still is licking everything and everyone. She thinks everyone is coming to the house even when they are just walking by. She has to make sure they know she is here by barking out the windows.

Kelly is almost done with her internship year. We will all be happy when it is over. She will have the entire summer off. Her and Sydney will have lots of fun adventures I am sure!


Thanks for visiting!